Proximal 50 offers the best products in the fitness industry. You can be confident your investment will provide reliability and results.

Sure, you could go to a big box store or shop online, but you could end up with inferior equipment. You might save some money… you might not. We make it a priority to get to know you and to work with you so your investment doesn’t become an expensive coat rack!

We have experience with all sizes and shapes –  from P50’s two gyms to our own at home workout corners. You might just be surprised how little square feet (and equipment) it takes to create a dedicated space to get exercising, to get healthy!

Our partnership doesn’t stop after the sale. We install, setup, and provide service. We even offer specialty wellness services like program design & personal training to make sure you are comfortable with and use your new setup.
We assist you in achieving your health & fitness goals by providing you quality equipment that works and being here to help, if help is needed – your success is our success.

Commercial Pricing

Proximal 50’s experienced sales team will work with your business to make sure your facility setup is sensible and cost-efficient – both upfront and long term.

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